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Upgrading your home’s insulation not only conserves energy and saves you money on heating and cooling costs, but makes for better living with improved air quality, health and longer lasting furnishings and structures.

At Mead Lumber, we stock a wide variety of insulation products, including fiberglass insulation in both rolls and batts, fiberized cellulose insulation, spray foam products, poly, rigid foam and weather stripping.

We also carry a variety of Johns Manville insulation products that fit every aspect of your home. GoBoard® is a durable, ultra-lightweight, waterproof tile backer board from Johns Manville that is easy to cut, handle and install.

As an added value for our customers, both homeowners and builders, we will also do all phases of your insulation job including prep work, batting walls, foam spray, affixing poly, blowing the attic and final clean up.

Whether you are building new or simply want to make sure your home is properly insulated, adding insulation from Mead Companies is perhaps the best investment you can make. Stop in or call to speak to one of our insulation experts to find the right option for you and your project needs.

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Johns Manville is much more than a source for residential and commercial insulation, they are a dedicated industry partner. Their complete line of innovative insulation products will save you time and money.

Residential Building Insulation 

Commercial Building Insulation 

HVAC Insulation

Green Fiber produces best in class insulation that focuses on sustainability. Manufactured in the U.S., Green Fiber is a trustworthy brand whose concern stems far beyond saving their customers money.

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Sanctuary® Blow-In or Spray-Applied Insulation
FRM 100 Insulation and U370 Firewall Design

Nudura ICF Forms are high-tech industry-leading insulated concrete forms that have proven technologies to make building easier and faster. The Nudura line of ICFs offers innovation that is exclusive to Nudura, which allows builders the ability to build and design residential structures with greater efficiency.

Nudura Product Guide

Insulation is an essential component of every building project. Rigid insulation comes in many forms to improve the energy efficiency of your building: wall & roof boards, siding fanfold underlayments, and other specialty applications.

Our product range offers solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

CertiFoam Product Guide

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms are precision-manufactured, double-insulated forms for reinforced concrete walls. Using Fox Blocks results in: a strong, high-performance wall assembly. The benefits just stack up.

Fox Blocks Product Gallery

LiteForm specializes in the manufacturing and design of highly efficient insulating concrete forming systems. LiteForm provides top of the line products that are trusted by residential and commercial users.


FlexxBoard Professional Line 

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