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Selling Product Through Mead Lumber Branches and Other Cabinet Companies

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Our History

In 2010, Mead Lumber opened its first countertop shop at the site of the original Mead Lumber facility, located in downtown Grand Island. 

Today, GPC is one of the leading fabricators and installers in the Midwest. They have fabricated and installed over 45,000 square feet of solid surface countertops, and over 30,000 square feet of laminate countertops.

GPC supplies countertops to Mead Lumber retail branches and other cabinet retailers. They utilize state-of-the-art CNC equipment to fabricate stone countertops and currently have three workstations: The Fusion 4045 CNC Saw and two Titan 2700 CNC Saws/Routers.

Our Process

The fabrication process is where an experienced and knowledgeable CNC operator is critical, as solid surfaces have different working characteristics. It is a job where artistry and technology meet to produce an optimal finish.

The fabrication process starts by digitally templating the cabinets for countertops. They inspect each slab using software to overlay the countertop templates on each slab to ensure the best appearance of vein texture and color. This process requires taking a picture of each slab with the software.

Once the solid surface is cut using a saw jet (a combination of water jet and saw), it is forwarded to a CNC for fabrication. Then, cutouts for designs, cooktops, or holes for faucets are made. The CNC saw will use diamond polish pads to shape and polish the stone edges.

Finally, the seam edges are manually ground to achieve the best and tightest seam possible.

While the laminate shop does not have the automation of the solid surface shop, they pride themselves on the craftsmanship and skill of the employee owners to build a quality product.

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