Heather Begger - Mead Lumber Designer Spotlight
Heather Begger, armed with degrees in horticulture and landscape design, embarked on her professional journey as a landscape designer in the picturesque setting of Bozeman, Montana. The rugged beauty of Montana offered the perfect canvas for her creative landscape visions. However, Heather soon discovered that Montana’s harsh winters posed a challenge for maintaining year-round landscape work. It was during these cold winter months that Heather’s career took an unexpected yet transformative turn.

Making a Change

Reflecting on this pivotal moment in her career, Heather shared, “I didn’t like not having work during the winter, so when an opportunity came up for doing cabinet design, I took it, and I fell in love with the career.” This unexpected detour led her down a path where she would combine her creative flair with a new passion for cabinet design at Thomae Lumber in Billings and Laurel, Montana. Heather’s approach to design is deeply collaborative, and she values the input and preferences of her clients throughout the creative process. She explained, “Ultimately, I want them to feel confident about how we handle the project timelines and feel calm knowing they’re in good hands.”


Heather’s client-centered philosophy has been a cornerstone of her successful career. Heather’s diverse range of experiences and expertise allows her to design across a wide spectrum of styles, from Classic to Contemporary, Swedish to Asian-inspired, and everything in between. She is a versatile designer who can adapt to various aesthetics and client preferences. For those concerned about the financial aspect of cabinet design, Heather reassures them, saying, “Budget may feel like a limiting factor. However, my goal is to give the client the most effective and beautiful design to meet their needs. Therefore, we stick with the budget they have for the project.” So, with her years of industry experience, Heather has accumulated invaluable insights and strategies to maximize the value of every dollar while delivering exceptional design.


Heather describes her personal style as clean and less fussy, emphasizing simplicity and functionality in her designs. However, this doesn’t mean she shies away from unique and innovative concepts. Heather proudly recalls a project where she designed a kitchen with a ‘Hollywood Glam’ aesthetic, featuring black cabinets with pink finished interiors and glass doors. It was a bold and striking design that pushed creative boundaries. However, her favorite style is mid-century modern with walnut cabinets. It’s a timeless look she enjoys bringing up to date with modern features while preserving the home’s character.

Mead Lumber Design Services

Heather is just one of the many talented designers who are part of the Mead Lumber team, spanning across their 52 operating locations. So, if you’re considering transforming your kitchen or bathroom into the space you’ve always dreamed of, look no further than Mead Lumber Design Services. Visit our Designers’ pages for more information and to connect with your local Mead designer. With professionals like Heather, your dream space is closer than you think.

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